Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Christmas is on its way!

Fireworks night is over. SO let the festivities commence. Yes, it is fully acceptable to start getting in the spirit of Christmas!

If you haven't seen our Festive Christmas Collection yet then get clicking! We have created the ultimate gluten free gift.

Included in our box of treats is one of our favourite Gluten Free brands; The Foods of Athenry

This family run business, is set among the famous rolling Fields of Athenry. It was once a full-time dairy enterprise and back in 2004, they transformed and became a charming artisan bakery.

Using only fresh ingredients and absolutely no additives in sight, their bakes have earned them 25 Taste Awards!

The artisan bakery has a dedicated Gluten Free area which is where they have created some of our favourite gluten free treats.

Included in our collection are:

The fruity mince pies which are ridiculously moreish. The mincemeat filling is full of dried fruits, nuts and more than enough brandy- the pastry is buttery and light and it is finished off with a pretty pastry star.

The Gluten Free Christmas Pudding- This dessert has won 2 star Great Taste awards and it is easy to see why. Made with the finest of ingredients- select dried fruit macerated for days in brandy & Cider, combined with the other ingredients then gently steamed for up to 5 hours. And finally - seasoned with brandy. The perfect addition to Christmas time. We have even tried it out on those who do not follow a gluten free diet and they loved it!

The Christmas Cake- An ideal Christmas afternoon snack with a cup of tea. Baked with brown sugar, fresh eggs & macerated fruit and topped with marzipan and white icing.

So get ordering and give in to the spirit of Christmas! Also with every Collection you buy you will get a FREE yes FREE gift!

Just call us Santa Claus.

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