Thursday, 27 March 2014

Mother's Day Afternoon Tea

If brunch and a pre-baked gift does not suit your mum, then surely an afternoon tea will tick all the right boxes.

If you need an easy option, we love Glebe Farm's seriously simple scone mix- all you need are a couple of basic ingredients and some clotted cream and lovely strawberry jam. Take all the credit for making a perfect addition to the afternoon tea (without revealing that Glebe Farm did all the hard work for you!)

Other useful additions to the afternoon tea menu are finger sandwiches (of course). We love to use Barkat Multigrain Sliced Bread to make ours- we cut of the crusts and then fill with egg mayonaise, cucumber and cream cheese and if we are feeling really naughty chocolate spread and banana. Surely that wil put a smile on your mum's face?

We also think Warburton's Blueberry Muffins will make a great addition on your afternoon tea table.

Other ideas are Barkat teacakes, wafers and ginger cookies!

So whether you are spoiling your mum with an outing at one of our favourite Gluten Free destinations or if you making a special afternoon for her at home- we hope you have a lovely Sunday with all the family!

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  1. Wow, mother’s day afternoon tea looks nice. I am a fan of such tea parties so hosted one for my mom but had booked one of prettiest garden party venues in San Francisco. It was not a big bash and I invited only my family and mom’s best friends.