Friday, 9 May 2014

Simply Stir Fry

Easy gluten free dinners are sometimes hard to find. That's why we love Canton Chef- their delicious Stir Fry sauces are full of flavour and are the perfect accompaniment to a vegetable/chicken stir fry.

If you need to use up left over veg in the fridge or if you just want a quick dinner for the kids- use this recipe as a template and then add your own additions depending on what's in the fridge!

Serves 4

1 onion chopped
1 red chilli chopped
1 cm piece of ginger grated
2 garlic cloves crushed
1 tablespoon sesame oil
1 brocolli chopped and cooked al dente
1 red pepper
A handful of mushrooms
1 courgette chopped
buckwheat noodles/jasmine rice
A big glug of tamari
A packet of Canton Chef sauce (whichever takes your fancy)

1. Heat a stir-fry pan and then add the oil
2. Once the oil is hot add the ginger, garlic, and chilli
3. Once the ingredients have softened, add the rest of the veg
4. Meanwhile cook the noodles/rice and then add them to the stir fry pan
5. Add a big glug of tamari, stir and season.
6. Add the Canton Chef sauce and stir

See just 6 steps and you've got a delicious dinner ready for the family! (If you'd like to add chicken, add it to the pan after you've sauteed the onions and garlic).

Enjoy your simple stir fry!

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