Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Chocoholics take note!

There is something wonderfully childlike about filling a bowl up to the top with chocolate cereal and topping it up with lashings of milk. Well here at Barkat, we thought why not recreate those childhood memories and conjure up a gluten free cereal that would please even the fussiest chocoholics among us (because we are high up on the list). So we began working on our gluten free Chocolate Pillows.
We started by thinking about the outer shell- it was essential that it had to have a crisp and light texture. This needed to be followed by a total chocolate explosion- so we decided to fill the crisp shell with an outrageously gooey chocolate and hazelnut cream that really does 'melt-in-your-mouth'. Like kids in a candy shop we have created our dream chocolate cereal which in our opinion tastes better than the gluten containing cereals that we used to crave. However we must warn you that Chocolate Pillows are HIGHLY addictive, it has been known for an entire box to be consumed in one sitting (and straight out of the box). We hope you enjoy it just as much as the kids! Buy them now: Gluten Free Chocolate Pillows

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