Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Packed lunch- celebrate the sandwich!

Since being coeliac or following a gluten free diet, how many people have said 'Don't you miss having sandwiches?'For some reason many 'gluten eaters' think that once you're gluten free, all that is left is salad and more vegetables.

We all know how wrong they are. With gluten free foods growing by the day, we want to celebrate the gluten free sandwich to show just how many different options there are for the gluten free world!

Firstly lets start with the bread selection:

We like Warburtons Brown Sliced bread- it's easy to use and not crumbly as so many gluten free loaves are. It really does make for the perfect traditional sandwich.

If you are after something a bit more healthy, Barkat's wholemeal bread is much denser and it tastes more like a rye or pumpernickel bread. We like this toasted or as an open sandwich with slices of lean meat and rocket!

Bread rolls are always a reliable packed lunch addition- both Warburton's white bread rolls and Barkat's par baked rolls are very easy to use- we like to fill them up with a gluten free sandwich filler (if we don't have time to make our own, our favourite shop bought filling is Marks and Spencer's smoked salmon and cream cheese).

Once the bread is sorted, it is down to the all important fillings. Here are our top 5 easy to make suggestions:

* Cheesy apple slaw- mix up some grated cheese (cheddar, edam, gouda- whichever is your child's favourite), with a grated apple and some chopped spring onions. Mix with a spoon of mayo, season with salt and pepper and spoon onto a bread roll.

*Tandoori chicken- Layer your bread with some chopped iceberg lettuce, sliced tomatoes, pieces of tandoori chicken and a spoonful of yoghurt and cucumber (or shop bought raita) then add the other slice of bread- perfect packed lunch!

* Roasted pepper and cream cheese- Spread cream cheese onto your bread/roll and top with slice of roasted peppers (can buy in most supermarkets)- easy but effective.

*Club sandwhich- spread the slice of bread with mayo then layer with chopped lettuce, sliced tomato,rashers of crispy bacon, slices of avocado and pieces of chicken. Spread the other slice of bread with mayo or mustard- this is the ultimate sandwich!

*Sweet treat- sometimes it's nice to have a sweet filled sandwich- spread one slice with nutella or another chocolate spread. Slice banana on the top and then spread the other slice with smooth peanut butter. The mix of the creamy chocolate and nutty butter is seriously tasty!

Let's prove that gluten free sandwiches are worth celebrating!

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