Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Eggsellent Easter

Easter is just around the corner and just because we are gluten free, we don't want to miss out on any of the fun!

Coeliac UK have been very kind and have put together a list of all the certified Gluten Free Easter Eggs. So we thought we would share the list of Chocolatey heaven with you! Browse through the list and if you really want to treat yourself- tick off the eggs that you have managed to hunt down!

If eggs aren't your thing, we have plenty of Chocoholic offerings at Gluten Free Foods:

Denise's Delicious Bakery Chocolate Brownies- These gooey brownies are BRAND NEW. We tried them and had to offer them straight away online- they MUST be tried!

Barkat Chocolate Tea Cakes- These tasty treats get rave reviews. With a crunchy biscuity base, a fluffy centre and a smooth chocolate shell- these are perfect for your Easter celebrations.

Barkat Chocolate Wafers- Our kids love to dip these in a glass of milk or crumble up and sprinkle over ice cream!

Dairyfine Mini Chocolate Egg s 150g
Dairyfine Mini Eggs 90g
Dairyfine MIlk Choc Bunny Lollies 120g
Dairyfine White/Milk Choc Bunny Lollies 120g
Dominion Easter Marshmallows 225g

Assorted Mini Filled Eggs
Buttons Hollow Chick
Cadbury Dairy Milk Caramel Bunny
Caramel Egg  (All variants)
Caramel Egg  Medium Egg 
Creme Egg  (All variants)
Easter Egg  Trail Pack
Egg heads
Large Roses Egg 
Mini Cadbury Dairy Milk Daim Eggs
Mini Cadbury Dairy Milk Eggs
Mini Cadbury Dairy Milk Treasure Egg 
Mini Caramel Eggs
Mini Creme Eggs
Mini Eggs
Mini Eggs Giant Egg 
Mini Eggs Large Special Egg 
Mini Eggs Medium Egg 
Mini Eggs Mug Egg  
Mini Eggs Treasure Egg

Celtic Chocolates 
Choices Dairy Free Easter Egg  125g
Celtic FreeFrom Dairyfree Dark Chocolate Easter Egg  125g
Choices Caramel Flavoured Easter Egg  120g
Choices White Choc Egg  65g 
Choices Choc Bunny Bar 40g 
Choices White Choc Bunny Bar 40g     

Green & Blacks  
Organic Fairtrade Milk Chocolate with Butterscotch Easter Egg  165g
Organic Fairtrade Dark Chocolate & Mint Easter Egg  165g
Organic Fairtrade Milk Chocolate Egg  with 2 Milk Chocolate Bars ‐ (Butterscotch & Sea Salt) 365g
Organic Fairtrade Dark 70% Chocolate Egg  with 2 Dark Chocolate Bars‐ (Ginger & Burnt Toffee) 365g
Organic Fairtrade Easter Tasting Collection‐ Dark 70% Choc Egg  with Milk Mini Collection & Dark Mini 


Marks & Spencer
Origami Bunny 
Headphone Jack 
Bobby Bunny
Betty Bunny Basket Filled with Eggs
Captain Egg wash ‐ Pirate Egg 
6 Pack of Chicks 
Preston Penguin
Dairy Free Egg  

Fresh Free From Hot Cross Buns 4 pack

Alpini Treat Egg 
Milk Harry Hopalot Impulse 24g
Bunny Lollies Mixed 28g
Milk Harry Hopalot Lolly 28g
Milk Harry Hopalot Model 60g
White Harry Hopalot Model 60g
Milk Harry Hopalot 250g
White Harry Hopalot 250g
Milk Charlie Chick Model 250g
Milk Giant Bunny 1.1kg
Hot Cross Buns 78g
Happy Easter Truffles 185g
Milk Football Egg  150g
Milk Butterfly Egg  150g
Milk Egg  153g
White Egg  153g
Milk Stars Egg  155g
Milk Scooter Egg  161g
Milk Rocket Egg 161g
Milk Shoe Egg 161g
Milk Cupcake Egg 161g
Milk Gruffalo Egg 162g
White Harry Hopalot Egg 165g
Milk Egg 320g
White Egg 320g
Dark Egg 320g
Milk Moments Egg 218g
Milk Melts Egg 228g
Milk No Added Sugar Egg 240g
Milk Classics Egg 240g
Milk Smiles Egg 242g
Milk Indulge Egg 270g
Dark Indulge Egg 270g
Dark Indulge Egg 275g
Milk Fudge Egg 290g
Milk Toffee Egg 295g
Milk Classics Egg 303g
Milk Premium Coll Egg 303g
Milk Classics Egg 307g
Hot Cross Bun Egg 400g
Milk Spectacular Egg 414g
Dark Fudge Brownie Egg 425g
White Raspberry Cheesecake Egg 425g
Milk Banoffee Pie Egg 430g
Milk Continental Egg 500g
Marv Magnificent Milk Choc Egg 1kg

LOVELife Free From Gluten Hot Cross Buns
Woodland Friends Easter Egg  Hunt
Belgian White Chocolate Egg  & Jelly Beans
Easter Milk Chocolate Eggs
Woodland Friends Hop The Frog
Woodland Friends Spike The Hedgehog
Woodland Friends Ollie The Owl
Belgian Milk Chocolate Egg  & Dolly Mixture
Belgian Milk Chocolate Egg  & Jelly Drops
Seriously Dark Chocolate Egg  & Caramel Truffles
Seriously Milk Chocolate Egg  & Praline Truffles
Easter Lolly
Woodland Friends Izzy the owl
Heston Easter Egg  

Enjoy the long weekend and send all your gluten free creations to!

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