Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Pinch Punch First of the Month!- October recipe planner

Pumpkins hog the limelight in October- we love the autumn; from hearty vegetables to heart warming roasts and comforting desserts.

Throughout October we will be posting our top seasonal, gluten free recipes that are all gluten free- of course!

What's on the October Menu:

Breakfast ideas:

*Baked fruits with porridge and golden syrup (using Barkat's organic Porridge flakes)

*Poached eggs and smoked salmon on a slice of toasted Barkat's country loaf

*Homemade granola with greek yoghurt and a drizzle of orange blossom honey


*Beetroot soup with a oven baked baguette (perfect for soaking in the soup)

*Basil and chicken pasta bake with a sprinkling of pine nuts (we love buckwheat pasta spirals as the health benefits make this grain a superfood!)

*Warm roasted vegetable salad with a balsamic glaze served with some crunchy crispreads


* Roast chicken with a lentil and beetroot salad (we use Barkat's simple gravy mix to add flavour to our roasts)

*Kale and garlic pasta dish (using any gluten free spaghetti)

*Squash stir fry with buckwheat ramen and Canton Chef's Black bean and garlic sauce.

These recipes will feature on our blog throughout the month.

Stock up on the gluten free essentials that we have noted here and get ready to cook up some autumnal dishes with us over the coming weeks!

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