Monday, 12 August 2013

Breakfast Challenge: Pancake Day

If only Pancake Day was every day. This weekend breakfast was all about gluten free pancakes. We made the mix on Saturday morning and finished it up for brunch on Sunday.

I have made buckwheat pancakes before which are of course naturally gluten free (will post recipe soon) but seeing as we were wanting a no-fuss easy method, we opted for the Barkat Pancake Mix.

It is seriously simple, you just add 2 tablespoons of oil and 300ml of milk and whisk the mixture together.

Then just add one ladle of the mixture to a heated saucepan and cook for one minute! We tried flipping the pancake over but unfortunately that requires a bit of skill and so we ended up with a slight pancake disaster!

These gluten free pancakes taste pretty delicious with the simple yet reliable topping of sugar and lemon however just like with waffle toppings the choices are limitless.

Other favourite gluten free toppings are:

Melted chocolate buttons and strawberries
Berry compote and a spoonful of greek yoghurt
Nutella and banana
Marmalade and a spoonful of yoghurt
Maple syrup and cinnamon
Honey and raisins

Grated cheese and tomatoes
Fried egg and bacon
Ricotta and roasted vegetables
Spinach and Brie
Ham and cheese

Who cares if pancake day comes round once a year? We want to celebrate the fact that we can still eat pancakes and be gluten free!

Let us know your topping suggestions @gfbarkat

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